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See How Much We’ll Pay

To sell your MacBook, iPhone, or iPad, click on the “Sell Device” tab. Next, select the appropriate model, cosmetic condition, and issue (if applicable). Then click “Get Quote” to see how much we will buy your MacBook, iPhone, or iPad for! No email address or personal information required- it’s that easy.


Submit Your Order

YOU decide how to be paid, either by Check, PayPal, or Western Union. During checkout, enter your name, shipping address, prefered reimbursement method, and select a shipping method that works best for you. 


Ship Your Device

We offer four easy ways to send us your Apple: receive a PREPAID FedEx shipping label via email, a PREPAID box and packing materials mailed to you, a $15 self-ship bonus added to your quote (you pay for postage), or you stop by our Boston, Massachusetts office and get cash TODAY.


Get Cash

Once we receive your device in Boston, our Apple technicians will review it to make sure it matches what you originally stated in your order. Once everything checks out, you get paid! PayPal and Western Union payments are credited the day we receive your device, and checks are sent out next business day. Selling your MacBook, iPhone or iPad has never been easier.

Fast Cash For Your Mac

We offer multiple methods for repayment including PayPal, Check, and Western Union. PayPal reimbursements are credited to your account the day we receive your device- we’ll cover the PayPal service charge. Western Union payments are sent the same day we receive your device, and Checks are mailed on the following business day. Please allow 5-7 business days for your Check to arrive by mail.

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Sell Your Broken MacBook

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If your MacBook is no longer functional due to liquid damage, a broken screen, a bad hard drive, logic board issue, or just no longer powers on, sell it! Upon receiving your broken MacBook, our technicians will remove the hard drive and delete (format) all data on the drive to ensure your privacy is protected. If the drive no longer functions or fails S.M.A.R.T testing, it will be physically destroyed prior to being disposed so that no data can be recovered.

Data Recovery Service

data recovery service

Think that you lost all of your data to spill damage, a bad logic board, or a broken screen? Think again! In most cases, we can recover the pictures, music, movies, and documents you thought you would never see again. Visit our data recovery page to find out more!

4.9/5 Stars

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Over the years, Cash4MacBooks has paid out over a million dollars to thousands of satisfied customers. From individuals looking to sell a single device, to schools, businesses, and large institutions selling hundreds of devices. No order is too big or too small!